I have a friend with a son who was very, very smart. But he just wouldn’t cooperate when it came time to write at school.

The teacher labeled him as having “dysgraphia.” She recommended he be put in special ed classes, have an Individual Education Plan drawn up, and have lots of “interventions” and meetings to address his “dysgraphia.”

When his parents objected, they were given the idea from the teacher, principal and school counselor that they were, in a word, stoooooooopid. And that educators knew much, much better than parents.

So they yanked him out of that public school. They put him in the nearest private school and paid the freight. They knew he was just a strong-willed kid who was nobody’s trick pony. He could get away with slacking off in that public school, and so of course he did.

Not so easy in private school. There, the educators treat parents like paying customers, which they are, instead of stoooooopid.

When that kid graduated, he was doing so well that he got National Merit Commendation for his score on the PSAT — which included a WRITING exam.

Parents who laugh last, laugh best, right?

Wrong. This is not funny!

I’m glad that this blog out of Lincoln captured the very disappointing and counter-productive condescension of parents by public schools. Please share. We need to turn the warship between parents and educators back into the friendship and partnership it should be: