“Mission bloat” is the term used when schools devote space, time and other resources to programs and practices that aren’t required by state education law, and aren’t demonstrably important toward meeting graduation requirements.

Providing prayer rooms for Muslim students, or for children of any belief system, for that matter, is a perfect example of that.

To be fair and consistent, if public school administrators are going to go bonkers over a student thanking God in a high school graduation speech . . . or make a student wearing a pro-Christian T-shirt turn it inside out because it is such a huge “distraction” . . . or punish a staff member for voicing an opinion on a current event that may be Biblically correct but is not Politically Correct . . . then the prayer rooms and other religiously-based concessions have to go

What’s sauce for the goose. . . .

See how things are in this Texas school::

Weekly Islamic call to prayer in Texas public high school