Nebraska proposed legislative bills worth watching:

LB 173: Giving “protected class” status to people based on their sexual behaviors and gender identity; this would quash the religious freedoms of the majority in workplaces such as schools to make the LGBT people more equal than anybody else, and to criminalize and silence those who stand up against it. You can see how this would play out in schools. “Mrs. Johnson, do you think marriage should be only for a man and a woman?” “Well, yes, I do, Johnny.” Pink Slip: Mrs. Johnson, you’re fired for discrimination!!!

LB 295: “Adopt the Opportunity Scholarships Act” would enactr a large tax credit to motivate more people to donate private dollars to help with tuition assistance for low-income students to be able to afford private schools, which would increase parental rights to choose the educaiton best suited for their child and their family.

LB 62: Eliminate the prohibition on teachers wearing religious garb. This would get rid of a law nearly 100 years old which appears clearly to violate the irst Amendment rights of teachers, and to favor non-religion while being hostile to religion. The change stems from an outcry after a Catholic nun was blocked from obtaining a teaching position in Norfolk because of her sincerely-held conviction that she should wear her habit.

LB 58: Let homeschooled students participate more easily in the extracurricular activities of their corresponding public schools by requiring that students have to be enrolled in no more than two classes at a public schools to be eligible.