Pretty frustrating to hear about stubborn opposition to charter schools in the Nebraska Legislature. This is in the face of both parents and teachers lauding school choice and pleading for innovation, more options for parents desperate to improve their children’s educational outcomes, and more educational freedom to help the disadvantaged.

Who could possibly be against that? Who else? The Nebraska State Education Association led the charge

More than 25 people testified before the Education Committee this week about Legislative Bill 630, the charter school bill. Sponsor Sen. Tyson Larson of O’Neill said charter schools, which are publicly-funded schools that have more flexibility in curriculum and instructional techniques, may be our best chance of improving our status as the second-to-worst state in the nation for the academic achievement gap between white and black students. Still, observers said it is likely that charter school enabling legislation will fail . . . again. Why? The union monopoly thinks it will drain away resources. Never mind that charter schools produce better results for kids.

Nebraska is one of only seven states without a charter school law.

Now take a minute to read this devastating critique of same-old, same-old public education from someone who should know: a longtime teacher with a Ph.D. She just QUIT TEACHING because she can’t stand the idea of sending her own child to the public schools. If a successful, experienced insider can’t stand the idea, why should ANY parents: